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Mango Simple Syrup  //  A Great Mango Syrup Recipe for the End of Summer

07 Sep Drinks, Food | 1 comment


Mango Simple Syrup

Mango Simple Syrup

For those that know me, it’s no surprise that I love sugar. As a kid, I  used to put brown sugar into a sandwich bag, smoosh it, pack it down into one corner and then suck on the hardened sugar. My mom used to find half eaten bags of brown sugar hidden all over the house. No doubt, she was thrilled.

At one point, my mom went back to school, so instead of being home every afternoon when we kids got home from school, she would take us to our dad’s store so he could watch us. Please note that my dad was working, so it was pretty much a free for all for us 3 sisters. We would cruise the outdoor shopping strip, check out the cute ball players in the field behind the store, and walk down to the local Community Center. Because my dad was working, he’d give us $10, each day, and we were told to use that money explicitly to buy dinner.

So doing what eldest children do best, I bullied my sisters into using that money to buy candy. Everyday. There was a 7-11 down the street and instead of buying a semi-healthy dinner from fast food row, we’d spend every last penny on a sack full of candy. That year, I ate more Red Hot Atomic Balls than I could even count. Sometimes, they’d plead with me, “Please, Sarah! We’re hungry! We want actual food!” Nope. Sorry. Not going to happen on my watch.

Over their groans, moans and possible rumblings of hungry stomachs, I would either bribe them: “I’ll give you this totally awesome pencil, if we can get candy.” (That would always work on my youngest sister.) Or guilt them: “If you don’t let me buy candy, I will tell Mom and Dad that we’ve been buying candy all along and then you’d be in trouble.” Once in a blue moon, I would actually get dinner with the money. You know, just to keep them on their toes and let them think they had some input.

It’s not that I didn’t care about my poor sisters, starving bodies. It’s just that I cared more about my love *cough obsession cough* of sugar.  Now that I’m older, and hopefully somewhat more mature, I can pretty much spend my money how I please. I don’t have to bribe or guilt anyone into buying me sugar. Sure, my dentist loves me, seeing as I probably paid for  half of his beach house with my never ending dental woes, but totally worth it to eat my sugary treats as I please. Sure, my husband has given me weird looks when he’s woken up at 3am, only to find me munching down on some red licorice. “Can’t you see I’m eating the extra calories I need for breastfeeding?! Geez!”  Sure,  I’ve been desperate and eaten chocolate chips when it’s the only thing left in the house containing sugar, but seriously, who hasn’t done that?

So last week, when my husband went to the store to buy me a much needed Snapple Iced Tea and they didn’t have any in stock, I pouted and screamed at him that there’s no way a store could be out and that he must have looked in the wrong spot. Pretty much a mature and adult like response, obviously. After my Pout Fest of 2012, I realized I could make my own fruit flavored sweet tea. I had some mangoes, so Mango Sweet Tea it was. I whipped up this Mango Simple Syrup to add to my tea and I was off to sugar heaven!

This Mango Simple Syrup is awesome, in that you can also use it in your favorite cocktail recipes, too. Instead of adding plain simple syrup, punch it up with Mango, yum!

Now excuse me, but I’m off to bribe my husband to pick me up a candy bar on his way home from work. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to step up my bribing skills, seeing as he wouldn’t really like a totally awesome pencil. I may have to throw in a smelly eraser to the mix. He’s so demanding.

Mango Simple Syrup


  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 mango pureed, about 1½ cups ~ I put my mangoes into a blender or food processor and puree away!

  1. Put all ingredients into a pan and bring to a boil.
  2. Turn heat down and let simmer for 1 minute, stirring constantly.
  3. Let cool and then put into clean, airtight container.
  4. Will store up to 2 weeks in fridge.


  • Almond

    I’m drizzling my mango syrup over mung bean cake 🙂


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