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How To Hard Boil Eggs

HOW TO HARD BOIL EGGS! PIN THIS ON PINTEREST! We’d love to follow you on Pinterest! Follow Serving Up The Skinny and we’ll follow you back! Yep, we’re going there. We may hurt some feelings in the process (sorry, Dad) […]


Corn Dog Tots

I love a good dog! Bun, bun-less, plain, toppings, whatever. All dogs are good. This Corn Dog Tots recipe is one of our favorites. It’s pretty easy to make if you don’t mind cooking with oil. One of my favorite […]


Milk – Regular, Organic or Raw

Milk seems to be a hot topic around households.  Do you buy regular, organic or even raw?  I usually don’t pay too much attention to the debate because “to each their own”, but lately I have been wondering just what the […]


Chipotle Cilantro Lime Rice Copycat Recipe

If there was an AA-style meeting for Chipotle addicts I’d be lining up at the door. I love the rice, meat, salsa, guacamole, chips…you name it. I love it. The foundation of most of their menu items starts with their […]


Mango and Fresh Herbs Tuna Salad

Growing up, when we would visit my grandparents house, they would usually make us tuna fish sandwiches for lunch. My grandpa made the best tuna sandwich and he ALWAYS put nuts in them. It wasn’t until I was an adult […]


Pineapple Sweet Tea

Iced Tea is absolutely one of my favorite drinks. I drink it 24 hours a day, year round. It doesn’t matter if it’s flavored, sweetened, plain, I’ll drink them all! Recently, a friend of mine brought this Pineapple Sweet Tea […]


Fruity White Wine Sangria

  It’s Friday Fun Day and here, at Serving Up the Skinny, we’re celebrating with a refreshing Fruity White Wine Sangria.  Sweet wine and choked with tons of fruit makes it everyone’s favorite! Don’t have all the kinds of fruit […]


Should You Make The Switch To Organic – List of The Dirtiest Fruits And Vegetables

I don’t buy organic fruit or vegetables often. It’s expensive and, to be honest, I haven’t done much research into the topic. Last week I set out to be better informed and I’m surprised (and horrified!) at what I found. […]


Healthy Summer Corn Salad

Summer is underway which means 100+ degree weather for us and many of our readers. I admit I’m prone to crabby behavior when I get too hot, so the last thing I want to do it turn on an oven. […]


Lip Smackin’ Finger Grabbin’ BBQ Baby Back Ribs

  We are smack dab in the  middle of the best month of the year, June.  It  brings us: summertime, pools, beach, BBQs, the ever important summer cocktails.  All of these are fantastic reasons to love this month, but the […]



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