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01 Nov Beef, Dinner, Food | Comments

Beef Tips in Wine Sauce

Sometimes I come across ideas for a recipe that I think, if I change a few things I know this will be a hit with my husband, because as a wife I sometimes have to make meals that are more […]


31 Oct Dinner, Food | Comments

15 Bean Soup with Pumpkin 7-UP Biscuits

Soup, for me, is a year-round dinner. I don’t care if it’s hot out, cold out; I love to eat soup for dinner. Usually, after I make a big ol’ pot, I’ll eat if for three meals a day, until […]


28 Sep Beef, Dinner, Food | 4 comments

Slow Cooker Smothered Chili Colorado Burritos

I’m a So Cal girl, so it comes to no surprise that I’m in love with Mexican Food. All of it. Living away from my hometown and in an area that isn’t known for it’s awesome Mexican Food, I have […]


25 Sep Dinner, Food | Comments

Meat Lovers Chili

Beans are my numero uno favorite food. Seriously. I will eat them anyway at anytime. I have a friend who HATES beans. Um, excuse me, what? That just won’t do. I even contemplated whether I should continue in our friendship. […]


Slow Cooker Vegetarian Red Beans & Rice

Thanks to Sir Mix A Lot, whenever I think about Red Beans & Rice, I automatically associate it with big butts. And naturally, I have to sing the song. My kids are still young enough to think that this is […]


Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

  Everyone has a ‘Bad Date From Hell’ story to tell. I certainly have plenty. The time my date’s car ran out of gas and we had to get a ride from a police officer to the gas station. The […]


Rotisserie Style Baked Chicken

  I don’t know about you guys, but our family tries really hard to buy organic, free range, antibiotic free meats. And buy “try” I mean, that I decide which organ I don’t really need and sell it to buy […]


Lip Smackin’ Finger Grabbin’ BBQ Baby Back Ribs

  We are smack dab in the  middle of the best month of the year, June.  It  brings us: summertime, pools, beach, BBQs, the ever important summer cocktails.  All of these are fantastic reasons to love this month, but the […]


Ooey Gooey Maple Chicken Legs

  Anything that makes my life easier, I’m all over it.  Smarter not harder, is my personal mantra.  I’ve got a bazillion kids, so what ever I can do to make the day go smoother, I’m in.  When my boy […]


Teriyaki Tuna Steaks

Let me start off by saying that I am not a huge seafood fan.  In fact, I dislike probably about 99% of all seafood and do not eat it.  This Teriyaki Tuna Steak is officially the 1% that I will […]



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