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About Us

Sarah a.k.a The Prince-ass (far right in photo)

Sarah is a stay-at-home mom with 4 crazy kids, and while most days she wouldn’t want it any other way, let’s face it, she could really use a maid and personal assistant because all her responsibilities are cutting majorly into her shopping and wine time.  Fun facts about Sarah; She LOVES flip flops and practically wear them everyday. She still has her beloved red Bongo jeans from Middle School in hopes one day her daughter will wear them. She loves to cook for family and friends. Seeing scissors on the floor gives her the heebie-jeebies. She wishes perms would come back in style, because she will be first on the bandwagon to get one. That or she’ll move to Texas because she hears they still believe in the perm out there.  She is a true believer that wine fixes anything and she uses an extraordinarily, godly, unacceptable amount of commas.  A girl’s got to have a quick fix to happiness in life and wine and comma usage are hers.


Darcey a.k.a The Middle Sister (far left in photo)

In addition to co-founding Serving Up The Skinny, Darcey manages another popular website, Darcey’s never met an ice cream flavor she didn’t like or a mushroom she does. Her biggest debate in life? Deciding whether Dumb & Dumber or Romi & Michelle’s High School Reunion should take top billing as her favorite movie. Quick fun facts about Darcey: Salty vs sweet, Late to bed vs. early to rise, the glass is half empty vs half full and dare it be said, boxed mac & cheese vs homemade. Oh yeah, least we forget, she hates being told “My dog is named Darcey”.


Emily a.k.a Little Lafo (the bride!)

Besides co-founding Serving Up The Skinny, Emily is a minion for and an accountant for a small construction company.  She is the youngest of the three sisters and the least experienced when it comes to cooking, which has lead to many funny kitchen antics.  Emily is a picky eater and for the most part dislikes most sauce condiments, with Ranch being one of the only exceptions.  She love shopping, dirty jokes, reading, making up words and playing video games. She dislikes basketball, slow drivers, working out and cleaning up after her adorable puppy Castro.


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